Your Digital Core

Every company has an “official book of record” – only now, that book is digital and, more than ever, stored in the cloud. Your business management software is the core of your business cloud. Your system defines the structure of your information and your source for analytics. Understanding cloud computing, the underlying ERP technology, and analysis tools is our core and the key to execution and performance of your company in the cloud.

  • Turn data into insight by putting it all in one place with tools that give you the info you need when you need it
    • Designed for specific ERP
    • Built to support core financials, distribution, light manufacturing, and project-based business
    • Strong analytics and reporting
    • Support for outsourced desktop and third-party products

Fully Redundant Connectivity -Multiple Data Centers

The Data Centers have internet networks engineered to provide redundancy to our servers through dual ethernet connections running over a fiber infrastructure to multiple, geographically diverse peering points. With ample connectivity that can scale to OC-n and burstable bandwidth, we can accommodate every contingency. And an environmentally friendly power supply system powers everything! We currently partner with Quality Technology Services and Iron Mountain Data centers for data center services.

Security and Stability

The high performance of our Data Centers are ensured by sophisticated environmental-control systems that keeps temperature and humidity at ideal levels. This guarantees performance and minimizes the risk of failure. Additionally, our power supply is backed up by continuous power systems that can keep the facility running for days in case of utilities failure! The Data Center is also protected by a state-of-the-art fire suppression system. It’s guaranteed to both prevent extensive damage and eliminate collateral damage from fire-extinguishing agents. The fire suppression system also continually monitors the Data Center and can pinpoint possible issues with precision, ensuring immediate action.