2SimpliconnectSM by I-Business Network is a fast and easy cloud-based solution for small-to-medium businesses for business process automation and integration. 2Simpliconnect streamlines data collection from cloud services like web stores and sends it directly to your business management software.

Omni-Channel is a cross-channel business model companies use to improve their customer experience. 2Simpliconnect powers omni-channel capabilities through connections with Shopify, Magento, HubSpot, and others, increasing your company’s top-line sales.

It’s an affordable solution that integrates your systems and eliminates error-prone manual data entry. For example, when 2Simpliconnect links your existing business management software with your web store, your inventory will reflect order and purchase changes while customer data will update in real-time. Through 2Simpliconnect,web orders flow seamlessly into your SAP or SAGE business management systems – no need for shuffling paperwork, manual and duplicated entry, or complicated setup and training.

2Simpliconnect isn’t just easy to use and affordable; it’s deployable and ready to use in as little as two weeks. I-BN offers this solution for businesses that must make a quick and significant impact on their operations.